The Katherine Swynford Society is a UK-based historical society founded by Dr Roger Joy in 2003 in memory of his late wife Sylvia. Sylvia was a great lover of Katherine Swynford’s story. Dr Joy passed away in August 2020, but his passion of exploring the life and times of Katherine Swynford, John of Gaunt and their descendants continues on. One of the key focal points of the Society is our twice-yearly Journal, entitled The Katherine Wheel (the name refers to the emblem Katherine chose for her royal arms). We also host study days, usually annually, which are held at historically significant sites and include guest speakers and various activities. They are a wonderful time to network and learn with fellow history enthusiasts. Our membership includes ordinary history lovers from around the world and renowned historical scholars. It is a place for people who are inspired by history to come together to share knowledge and network with like-minded folks.